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chewi's Journal

James Le Cuirot
24 May 1983
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I hail from Jersey. That's the original Jersey. Not that oft-slated imposter. Life led me away from the rock after 18 years, first to Durham for my Computer Science degree, with a brief stint in Strasbourg, before settling down in Scotland to get married and have a child. I spent 8 years in Perth before upping sticks one last time in 2013 to South Queensferry, near Edinburgh. I like it here. I hope to stay a while. When I'm not entertaining the daughter or being a Gentoo Linux developer, I go to work at Yakara.
1984, 80s, ac/dc, alcohol, alisha's attic, amiga, anime, atheism, ayreon, bars, bjork, black metal, blind guardian, blood bowl, breasts, c, c++, c64, cdtv, channel islands, chef, children of bodom, chobits, classical, claws-mail, coding, collingwood college, commodore 64, computer games, computer science, computers, cooking, cradle of fear, cradle of filth, ctrl+alt+del, deus ex, discworld, djing, doc martens, dream theater, drinking, durham, durham university, dvorak, ebay, edinburgh, emulation, enya, evil dead, exitbyname, final fantasy, france, full collapse, gentoo, gerald the sheep, gkrellm, goth, guano apes, gwailo, h2g2, headbanging, heavy metal, hello world!, helloween, html, ic bin cheese, iron maiden, jamiroquai, java, jersey, jetpack sharks, jujitsu, kula shaker, larry the cow, led zeppelin, linux, loreena mckennitt, love, marilyn manson, megadeth, metal, metallica, morcheeba, mozart, msx, munky punch, muse, music, mysql, new york, newcastle, nginx, nightwish, nirvana, open source, opengl, opera browser, opeth, ozzy osbourne, perth, piano, pidgin, porcupine tree, programming, pubs, pyjamas, quake 2, rage against the machine, rammstein, reading, red dwarf, rifle shooting, rock, ruby, ruby on rails, sabrina online, sailing, sambucca, scotland, sdl, sex, slayer, softface, south queensferry, strasbourg, system of a down, tenchi, terry pratchett, the ecrehous, the gimp, the offspring, the register, the sea, the watersplash, thrash metal, tori amos, trevelyan toasties, university of durham, unreal tournament, walking, winterkill, xfce, xmms, yakitate japan